Hello, world!

Hello and welcome to my page ! Let me take a few minutes to present myself before you can eventually head to the blog section ! I am currently a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Lille and Inria. More specifically, I belong in the Spirals team. My research is focused on Web Security and Privacy, with a particular interest toward solving privacy issues with the help of machine learning. All of this is done under the supervision of Dr. Walter Rudametkin. As of the time of this writing, my work is mainly revolving around ads-induced privacy risks and hardware based browser fingerprinting.

Before enrolling in my PhD, I graduated with an engineering degree in Micro-electronics, and started working as a Data Engineer/Data Scientist at a Lille-based startup named Vekia. Some may say that working as a data engineer while graduating in micro-electronics is odd. And even if it might look odd, it can be explained: I have been involved with big data and its infrastructure, and theoritical machine learning for a long time before graduating, which led to countless hours of self teaching, with a serious hand being lent by my computer science and maths courses ! At Vekia, I was in charge of analyzing the data at hand, building the related pipelines and forecasting models. I was also involved in R&D tasks in the field of timeseries forecasting.

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