Here we are. I’ve finally stepped up and decided to set up my very own  blog. I’ve never really understood the concept of blogging until I  discovered that every meaningful stuff I have ever learned was mostly  coming from blog articles written by mainstream developers, engineers,  or researchers. Their blog description was even mentioning that their  writing is especially meant for them to keep a note on their learnings,  and is not guided by fame or likes. It actually helps them notice their  mistakes, and help them improve by using other people’s feedback.  This kind of discovery made me realize that I would also benefit by  blogging, as it would allow me to keep a track of my learning since one  of my biggest problems is that I tend to forget quite easily some  notions that I spent time understanding. Writing whatever I find useful,  using my own words, would clearly not do me any wrong.  So, here we go, let me present myself. I am Naif Mehanna, a fifth year  robotics engineering student in France, Lille, so, as you can guess,  this blog will be very technology oriented. You will find some totally  unrelated topics while others are closely coupled, ranging from applied  mathematics, data science, machine learning, database architecture,  operating systems, electronics and those kind of stuffs. My main focus  at the moment I am writing is deep learning, as I am trying to get a  grasp of it’s theory and it’s applications, so you will be seeing a lot  of it for now.  Contrary to what the blog’s name imply (you must have guessed that I am a  huge Elon Musk fan), I truly hope this blog will help you if you  struggle in the same fields that my articles address, or simply wish to  discover some new content.  As English is not my first language, expect many syntactic errors.  However, I will do my best to explain notions in a relatively easy to  understand way, and making the less grammatical errors.  Oh, and by the way, don’t expect those nice pictures you can see on  instagram, displaying perfectly organized tables and some chunk of HTML  code on the screens, this is definitely not the purpose of my blog.  ’